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Egyptian Costumes

Are you throwing a party with the mega popular Egyptian theme, or even a history or world theme? Maybe you just love the classic and beautiful style of Egyptian outfits? No matter what you need it for, we have Egyptian costumes to suit everyone, regardless of your budget, size, gender, or age. This theme is so much fun for parties and other celebrations and your guests will love picking out Egyptian style outfits of their own! Don't forget to decorate your house or party venue to match the theme!

There are plenty of classic and sexy looks for women to go with the Egyptian theme. Try out the Cleopatra Adult Costume, Egyptian Queen Elite Adult Costume, Princess of the Pyramids Adult Costume, Egyptian Jewel Adult Costume, and many others. Young girls can get involved too, with child size Cleopatra costumes available as well. We also have plenty of matching accessories, such as wigs, cuffs, jewelry, makeup, belts, shoes, collars, and even headpieces.

Don't forget, guys can get into the Egyptian theme too! What would ancient Egypt be without its powerful pharaohs? Have a look at the Egyptian Pharaoh Adult Costume, Marc Antony Elite Adult Costume, Pharaoh Adult Costume, and more. We also have some great Egyptian pharaoh style headpieces and weapons to match the men's costumes. You can even dress up as a creepy mummy wrapped in bandages if you want! The options are almost endless in the Egyptian costume theme category. So what are you waiting for? Grab your perfect costume today!

Fairy Costumes & Party Supplies

Who doesn't love being a fairy? Women and girls alike often dream of becoming one of these magical creatures, flitting about on their beautiful wings and spreading cheer and pixie dust everywhere. There are so many different types of fairies, each one unique to their personality and natural habitat. No matter your age, size, or budget, the size of your wings, or even your favourite colour, we have the perfect fairy costume available to suit you!

Fairies are one of the most popular characters for little girls to dress up as. Whether it be for a costume party or just pretend play at home, fairies are a big hit! Tinker Bell is the most popular fairy in our costume range, as well as Tinker Bell's fairy friends Rosetta, Fawn, Periwinkle, Silvermist, and Zarina. We also have fairy costumes in almost any colour and style imaginable. Don't forget to grab a kids' wand and tiara to complete your little one's costume to perfection! You can even get some cute little matching slipper flats. Adorable!

Ladies don't have to miss out on the fairy fun, though. Check out the Sequin Deluxe Tinker Bell Adult Costume, Cosmic Fairy Adult Women's Costume, Mommy-to-Be Fairy Adult Costume, Beautiful Tooth Fairy Adult Costume, and many more. We also have a variety of dark and evil fairies available if you're feeling a little gloomy, or going to a spooky Halloween party! Even the guys can join in the fun with our hilarious men's Tooth Fairy Adult Costume! The options are endless in this fun and joyful theme category!

Tinker Bell costumes and accessories

Tinker Bell is everyone's favourite spunky character. She was created by the Scottish novelist and playwright J. M. Barrie, and first appeared in the play Peter Pan, or The Boy Who Wouldn't Grow Up, in 1094. This play was subsequently published as a novel in 1911 called Peter and Wendy, and has since expanded in popularity from there. Tinker Bell was most famously adapted into the 1953 Disney animated film Peter Pan, and since then has become widely recognised as the Walt Disney Company's unofficial mascot.

The story of Peter Pan got its largest burst of fame thanks to the Disney animated film of the same name. The movie tells the story of Wendy Darling and her siblings, who travel to Neverland and have adventures with Peter Pan and the Lost Boys. Tinker Bell is Peter's best friend, but she is also incredibly jealous of Wendy and doesn't like her at first. Tinker Bell is sassy and sometimes grumpy, often getting up to mischief!

There is something for everyone to love in our great range of licensed Tinker Bell costumes. Check out the beautiful Sequin Deluxe Tinker Bell Adult Costume, which is one of our most popular costumes. You will be sure to stand out at your next party in this glittery number! For guys who want a cheeky and funny costume we also have the Tinkerbelly Adult Costume which is sure to bring a smile to your friends' faces.

Your little ones will look just too cute in our adorable Tinker Bell kids costumes, toddler costumes and infant costumes. Have a look at the Tinker Bell Rainbow Classic, Tinker Bell Ballerina, Tink and the Lost Treasures Deluxe and many more. Don't forget to grab some accessories too, like wigs, wands, shoes and others. Our Tinker Bell costumes are a great idea for children's birthday parties or Disney themes.