Costume makeup and accessories

No fancy dress costume is complete without makeup! By applying your makeup correctly, you can really make the character you are portraying come to life and make your costume look absolutely perfect. Makeup is very important for completing costume looks for specific events too; we have cosplay makeup, Halloween makeup, special effects makeup, theatrical makeup, popular brands like Mehron, and more. No matter the colour, style, or fashion you are going for, there is sure to be something for everyone here. After all, who doesn't love to get their face painted, or to put on a little eyeliner once in a while?

Let's say your character is an alien with crazy coloured skin, like green or blue. We have the perfect makeup for you to achieve this look! Grab yourself some body paint in the appropriate colour, or you could even try some coloured liquid latex for smaller designs. We also have cake makeup in a variety of colours which is great for full coverage, as well as party style makeup in fun family colours for cute little face paint designs! Don't forget the finishing touches like setting powder or spray to make sure your hard work stays put for the entire event.

The fun doesn't stop at just paint, though. We have eyeliner, makeup crayons, and cream sticks, all in innumerable different colours to match any of your makeup needs. Then there are all of our wonderful prosthetics to help you to truly transform yourself! Just grab some spirit gum to affix the prosthetics to your skin, and then paint them as you would with normal makeup on your face. Don't forget to add some fabulous fake eyelashes too! Finish off your look with some sealing spray or powder, and of course you'll need some makeup remover and spirit gum remover to get it all off at the end of the night! Whatever your makeup needs, we can help you here at!