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Costume Accessories

A great accessory completes a fancy dress costume, and for every costume there is always another accessory that you can add to make it look more complete, more unique, or more amazing. From simple items like socks, shoes, gloves, or hats, right through to feather boas, guns, inflatable toys, and more, you can find just about anything for a costume in our accessories section.

Our most popular accessories are hats, wigs, and shoes. For most of our costumes we suggest accessories that will match. The accessories are automatically suggested by our website based on previous purchases, or by our experienced sales and customer service team.

We have a huge range of wigs as well. Wigs are so important, as often the most recognisable characteristic of a person or character that you want to dress up as is the hair. Some great examples are Marylin Monroe wigs, afros, mullets, 60's beehives, or even Santa wigs. They add so much to your look!

So if you are buying a costume for yourself or someone else, think about one or two small accessories to improve your fancy dress outfit even more. Stand out at your next party!