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Sci-Fi Space Costumes & Accessories

Sci-fi costumes are very popular among adults and children for all of your themed celebrations. These outfits can make you get into the mood and spirit of the celebration and engage in all the fun! There are plenty of different styles of sci-fi costumes available, from full outfits and sexy looks to all the matching accessories.

If you are wanting to dress in a sci-fi costume for your next costume party or event, we have plenty of ideas here for you. We have sci-fi costumes available in a wide variety of styles and sizes, and to suit most any budget. You can choose from full costumes, dresses and skirts, sexy versions, famous sci-fi characters like Star Wars and Star Trek, and more!

Don't forget to grab yourself some sci-fi accessories too, to match your costume to perfection. We have wigs, makeup, headpieces, weapons, facial hair, props, and much more. Make sure you look ready to celebrate at the next fancy dress party with your favourite items from our sci-fi costumes and accessories collection!

Avatar Costumes and Accessories

Avatar is an epic science fiction movie that revolutionised CGI in film back in 2009. The story of Avatar revolves around a paraplegic Marine named Jake Sully, who is dispatched to the alien moon Pandora on a special mission. There he assumes the role of an Avatar who can walk, run, jump, and do all the things Jake used to be able to and he immediately feels more at home in this new world. Pandora is inhabited by alien natives named the Na'vi, and Jake falls in love with one of the Na'vi, Neytiri. From then on he is torn between following his orders as a Marine, to tear up the land and find a rare mineral called Unobtanium, and protecting his new family.

Who can forget the love between Jake Sully and Neytiri, and how they explored Pandora together? Our licensed Avatar costumes will transform you with an appealing alien look. We have adult costumes and child fancy dress outfits for all ages and genders. Dress up just like the brave Jake Sully and prepare to explore new worlds, or become the feisty and exotic Neytiri to teach Jake about your world and protect your home planet.

We also have many costume accessories and props available to complete your costume to perfection. Why not try out a Na'vi spear for your native costume to protect your planet? You'll also love our wigs, jewelry and other accessories designed to help you look the part. All you need is a little face paint or one of our fabulous character masks and you're ready to go!

If you are attending a movie, heroes or sci-fi themed party then our great range of Avatar costumes will suit your needs perfectly. They will also be great for A themed letter parties. Pick one up today and get ready to save Pandora!