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Ghost Costumes & Accessories

Ghost costumes are very popular among adults and children for all of your themed celebrations. These outfits can make you get into the mood and spirit of the celebration and engage in all the fun! There are plenty of different styles of ghost costumes available, from full ghost and ghoul costumes to matching accessories.

If you are wanting to dress in a ghost costume for your next costume party or event, we have plenty of ideas here for you. We have ghost costumes available in a wide variety of styles and sizes, and to suit most any budget. You can choose from sheet ghosts, ghostly characters, famous ghosts like Slimer from Ghostbusters, and more!

Don't forget to grab yourself some ghost accessories too, to match your costume to perfection. We have wigs, makeup, tights, gloves, props, pet costumes, and much more. Make sure you look ready to celebrate at the next fancy dress party with your favourite items from our ghost costumes and accessories collection!

Ghostbusters costumes and accessories.

Ghostbusters is possibly everyone’s favourite movie from the 80's, and now you can feel like a real life Ghostbuster!

Ghostbusters was originally released in 1984 and it is not only a pop culture icon, but is one of the most popular movies of all time, and is a cult favourite. Being popular with critics and audiences alike, it pulled in over US$295 million worldwide and was even nominated for two Oscars! The Ghostbusters franchise has since expanded into a film sequel, two animated TV shows, several video games, and a possible second sequel that is currently in discussion.

The movie tells the story of three outlandish parapsychologists who live in New York City and open a ghost catching business. While local citizens are very skeptical of the trio at first, their business begins to grow in popularity and they hire a fourth member into the Ghostbusters to meet the demand. When a fancy apartment building becomes the focus of an incursion from the ancient god Gozer, the Ghostbusters must fight to save themselves, the city and the entire world!

There's something for everyone to love in our range of awesome licensed Ghostbusters costumes. For the men we have the Ghostbusters Adult Costume and the Ghostbusters Adult Plus Costume. If you are looking for a more unique outfit, there are some great inflatable costumes such as the Slimer and Stay Puft Marshmallow Man! We also have ladies versions of the Ghostbusters outfits available; whether you like shorts, a skirt or a sexy outfit, there is something for you.

We even have Ghostbusters Child Costumes for the younger fans in styles for both boys and girls. The Inflatable Slimer and Stay Puft Marshmallow Man costumes are also available in child sizes. Don't forget about our adorable Ghostbusters pet costume, and some awesome Ghostbusters themed props for Halloween. Who ya gonna call?

Ghostbusters celebrates 25 years!

Can you believe it's been 25 years since Ghostbusters first had its premiere?! The film was first released on the 7th of June 1984 and is celebrating its 25th birthday in 2019! You can celebrate by getting your hands on a costume of your favourite Ghostbusters character for Halloween and fancy dress costume parties.