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M&M costumes

Colourful and fun, M&M's are possibly the world's most favourite candy! They were first released in 1941 and are now available in 100 countries worldwide, produced by the Mars company. The method of creating candy-coated chocolate such as M&M's was inspired by the idea of allowing soldiers to carry chocolate without having it melt in their pockets. M&M's also contain various types of fillings including plain milk chocolate, crispy rice, peanuts, peanut butter, pretzels and more!

M&M's have been available in various colours over the years. Upon their release in 1941, the available colours were brown, yellow, green, red and violet. Violet was retired just before 1950 to make way for a tan colour, which was itself retired in 1995 to make way for the blue colour we have today. Red was retired just after 1975 and replaced with orange, but red returned again alongside orange in the late 1980's. The current six "spokescandies" of M&M's are Red, Yellow, Blue, Miss Green, Orange and Ms. Brown.

Our awesome range of licensed M&M's costumes continues to be one of our best selling ranges of costumes. You will be spoilt for choice with our variety of ponchos and dresses in every colour. There are sizes and styles for everyone in our M&M's poncho costumes, whether you're an adult, teen or child, and whether you are after the Standard or Deluxe versions.

For ladies, we also have some cute dress versions of the M&M's available, in both adult and teen sizes. Our M&M's Tank Dresses are cute and comfy and come in all of your favourite colours. Everyone can choose their favourite M&M's character and dress up for your next party! You will really stand out from the crowd. M&M's costumes are perfect as single or group costumes for Halloween events or birthday parties.