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Shrek Costumes and Accessories

Shrek is a movie for all ages, and is one of the most popular animated films ever! First released in 2001, the film has spawned three sequels with a fourth in development, two spin off films, and innumerable short films and TV specials. The original film is loosely based on the 1990 children's picture book Shrek!, and was a critical and box office success, earning USD$484.4 million worldwide. The film's popularity is partially due to its ability to appeal to adults and children alike.

Shrek is based upon the story of the eponymous ogre who is sick of people invading his home and just wants to be left alone. Secretly, Shrek has a big heart. When he is randomly paired up with his wise cracking animal pal Donkey, they go on an adventure together to rescue Princess Fiona from a dragon's tower, ultimately trying to get the king's guards to leave Shrek alone. However, Shrek falls for the Princess and makes an enemy of the king, Lord Farquaad, who also seeks the Princess' affection.

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