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Spider-Girl is one of the most popular female superheroes in the history of comic books! Spider-Girl is the alter ego of May "Mayday" Parker; she is the daughter of Peter Parker (Spider-Man) and Mary Jane Watson, and she first appeared in the comic book What If vol. 2, #105 in February 1998. She was later expanded into her own self-titled comic book series which, at the time, was Marvel Comics' longest running comic book series with a lead female character.

Did you know May "Mayday" Parker was named after Peter Parker's Aunt May? Peter Parker and Mary Jane Watson tried to keep their superhero related past a secret from their daughter in the hopes she wouldn't develop superpowers of her own. However, May actually started naturally developing her own superpowers by the age of 15, and eventually became Spider-Girl in order to thwart the evil plans of the Green Goblin's grandson, Normie Osborn.

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