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  • It, the Classic Horror Movie Remake + Spooky Clown Halloween Costumes

    If you remember the classic horror film Stephen King's It from way back in 1990, then you'll be excited to hear that a remake of the movie is coming out this year! Maybe you want to dress up as Pennywise the evil clown himself for Halloween this year? We're here to help!
  • New Lego Ninjago Movie and Awesome Costumes!

    Kids are just crazy about Lego, and one of the most popular titles in the Lego series is that of Lego Ninjago! Not only is there an awesome animated movie set for release, but we have the cool costumes to match! Keep reading to find out more.
  • Dinotrux Costumes Expected to Prove Popular With 3 to 4-Year-Olds

    Do you love dinosaurs? Do you love trucks? If you answered "yes" to either of those questions, then you've definitely come to the right place! Delve into the world of Dinotrux with awesome animated series and costumes to match!
  • The Emoji Movie - Official Trailer and Funny Costumes!

    If you love emojis (and matching costumes!), or just animated movies in general, then keep on reading!
  • Disney's Cars 3 Movie Trailer and Costumes

    Welcome back to the Cars movie universe! Cars 3 is due to hit Australian screens this year as the latest addition to Disney's animated film series. Kids (and adults!) are crazy for Cars and its great line of characters, so keep reading for some awesome Cars movie news, costume ideas, and more!
  • Look Out, the Guardians of the Galaxy Are Back!

    Look who's back, baby! The Guardians of the Galaxy are returning again to kick some alien butt in their new film, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. Keep reading for some Guardians of the Galaxy costume ideas, as well as the movie trailer to get you pumped up!
  • Despicable Me 3 Movie and Costumes

    If you or your child are fans of Despicable Me and those little yellow Minions, then get ready! Despicable Me 3 hits Australian theaters in June 2017 so pretty soon you'll need to start thinking about movie tickets and matching costumes. We're here to help!
  • Wonder Woman - the New Movie With Awesome Costumes to Match

    Wonder Woman is back with a vengeance! This mega popular superheroine is finally getting her own solo live action film with 2017's eponymous title, Wonder Woman. To get you excited, we have a spectacular range of Wonder Woman costumes available.
  • The Lego Batman Movie: Amazing Animations and Cool Costumes

    Lego Batman is one of the most popular sections of the Lego brand today. The highly anticipated Lego Batman Movie is due to hit Australian cinemas on March 30th 2017, so get your tickets and your costumes ready now!
  • The New Power Rangers Movie is Gonna Be Awesome!

    Are you as excited as we are for the upcoming Power Rangers movie remake? Then check out what we've got for you! Here is some cool info about the movie as well as our butt kicking range of Power Rangers costumes.

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