Here Comes Chucky (Again) - Child's Play

Child's PlayClear your calendar! A modern reboot of the horror film Child's Play is scheduled for release in Australia on the 20th of June 2019. This time around, Chucky the murderous doll gets a high-tech makeover. In the new movie, the doll is produced by Kaslan Industries, a company better known for developing advanced robotics. "More than a toy, he's your best friend," teases the company spokesman. Fans of the original film know better. One of the most anticipated horror films of 2019, Child's Play is sure to inspire a wave of Chucky costumes for Halloween this year!

Child's Play cast and synopsis

Famous for his role as a Jedi Knight in the Star Wars movies, Mark Hamill goes to the dark side in the remake of the 1988 film. The popular actor stars as the voice of Chucky, a toy doll inhabited by the notorious serial killer Charles Lee "Chucky" Ray. Chucky's singular goal is to transfer his soul to a human body. Gabriel Bateman of American Gothic fame stars as Andy, a troubled boy who receives the toy doll for his birthday. Best known for her role on the TV show Parks and Recreation, Aubrey Plaza takes on the role as Andy's mother. Veteran actor Tim Matheson plays Henry Kaslan, CEO of the company that manufactures the Buddi dolls.

Chucky costumes

With the release of the new Child's Play adaptation, Chucky costumes are certain to make blood-curdling appearances at this year's costumed events and fancy dress parties. Adults will enjoy giving their mates a scare dressed up as the horror film icon. The series of Chucky films offers multiple options when it comes to selecting the perfect costume. An evil-faced latex mask of the killer doll is a spine-chilling choice. Complete with a mask, shirt, and overalls, a deluxe Chucky costume is guaranteed to spook trick-or-treaters on Halloween. There's even an ugly sweater version available with the infamous toy wearing a Santa hat. As Chucky would say, it's time to play!

Chucky costumes

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