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Create Your Own DIY Photo Booth!

Disney Mickey Mouse Photo PropsOne of the most popular additions to parties these days is a photo booth! They are super fun and provide hours of entertainment for your guests, as well as photographic memories of your celebration that will last forever. But you don't need to fork out to hire an expensive photo booth; here's how to create your own with a little DIY!

Camera equipment

Obviously, to start off, you're going to need something to take the pictures with. You don't have to use an expensive DSLR camera for this (although you can if you've already got one!). Something as simple as a point and shoot digital camera, iPad or tablet, or even a laptop with a webcam would work! You'll need a tripod or platform to have the camera at eye level, and some way to remotely take the photo while you're posing - you can purchase a remote shutter release for the camera, or simply use a timer. If you're using an iPad, tablet, or laptop, you can download photo booth software that comes with an in built countdown with the click of a button!


It's a great idea to add some artificial lighting to your photo booth to make sure your pictures come out in great quality, and so you can see everyone's beautiful faces! You can use a spotlight and photography umbrella if you already have these accessories on hand, but if not, don't stress! A simple floor lamp stood next to the camera and facing the backdrop works great, or you can just turn your camera's flash function on!

Star Wars VII Scene SetterBackdrop

To set the scene, organise a fun backdrop for your photo booth! If you want to go for something simple, you can try a basic plain colour that matches your party's color scheme. To get a bit more creative, you can try a patterned or textured backdrop, or even a printed one that creates a scene behind you! To achieve these backdrops you can simply use a wall in your home, or hang a sheet or some fabric. If you want something a little more exciting, we have plenty of photo backdrops available to choose from! You can choose a simple pattern like wallpaper, stars and stripes, or stone bricks, as well as printed scenes like a graveyard, catacombs, snow, Santa's workshop, and more! We also have licensed backdrops available, including Paw Patrol, Star Wars, Thomas the Tank Engine, and others.


The most fun part about photo booths are the props! You can use all sorts of crazy items and objects to create some hilarious photos! You could use some old accessories and dress ups from your closet or an op shop, including funny hats, scarves, jewelry and more. Hand held photos props are also very enjoyable, to give you funny glasses and moustaches! We have a range of licensed photo props available to liven up your photo booth, including Shopkins, Disney Princesses, Marvel Avengers, Mickey Mouse, Minnie Mouse, Despicable Me Minions, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Grab yours today and get ready for the best photo booth ever!