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Dinotrux Costumes Expected to Prove Popular With 3 to 4-Year-Olds

DinoTrux Ty Rux Classic Toddler / Child CostumeDo you love dinosaurs? Do you love trucks? Do you love costumes? If you answered "yes" to any of these questions, then you've definitely come to the right place! Delve into the world of Dinotrux with the awesome animated series and costumes to match!

All about Dinotrux

Dinotrux is a hugely popular animated TV series, which was created by Dreamworks Animation and screens exclusively on Netflix. The first series was released in August 2015, and thanks to its immense popularity, the fourth series was released in March this year! Children just can't get enough of this beautifully animated series, which is actually based on a series of books by Chris Gall.

Set in a prehistoric world in the Mechazoic era, the world is populated by hybrid characters who are part dinosaur, part construction vehicle, called the Dinotrux! There are also characters who are hybrid reptiles and tools, called Reptools. A Tyrannosaurus Trux named Ty and and a Reptool named Revvit are best friends, and must team up with other members of their community to defend their work from D-Structs, an evil Tyrannosaurus Trux.

Dinotrux costumes

Once again, thanks to the massive popularity of this awesome animated TV series, brand new Dinotrux costumes have been released! They are sure to be a hit with 3 and 4-year-old kids as well as their parents. These colourful costumes come in a variety of sizes, so your little one can dress up as either Ty or Revvit - or both! The costumes come with everything included, so all you need to do is pop on your child's favourite pair of shoes and they're ready to fight against D-Structs himself!

There are sure to be more Dinotrux costumes coming out in future with the continued popularity and enjoyment of the series. Keep your eyes peeled, and while you're waiting, check out the trailer below for Dinotrux season 4. It's sure to be a blast!