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Dress Up Your Child for 100 Days of School

100 days of school make-up ideas 100 days of school make-up and costume ideas

If you have a young child or grandchild in school, chances are you will have heard about the 100 days of school celebrations that are growing ever more popular all over the country. While celebrations and activities differ from school to school, one of the most common ones is for the children to dress up like they are 100 years old!

Kids' costume and accessory ideas

Getting your child's costume sorted is the first step. A fun thing to do is to browse op shops with your child to find some great old dresses, pants, vests, and cardigans that look the part of an elderly person. Alternatively, we have some funny and cute granny and grandpa children's costumes available that will give you almost everything you need in one go! Don't forget to add the all-important accessories such as bow tiesglasses, hats, canes, and socks. A great finishing touch is a grey wig, and maybe even a moustache for the boys!

Makeup ideas for looking old

Makeup is the last step to completing your child's elderly costume and really making them look the part. Like Brooke did with her son in the photos above (and coupled with a pair of Clark Kent glasses to top off the look), you can use makeup kits such as our zombie makeup kit and a sports makeup stick to give your child's face a wrinkled look! You can even use the makeup to paint on a moustache if your child would prefer it, and try a Santa eyebrow whitening stick to lighten their brows. As a fun alternative to a wig, you could also purchase some white or silver colored hairspray and spray your child's hair, too! The options are endless and there are mountains of fun to be had with your child's 100 days of school costume. Get started on yours today!