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How to Dress up for an Oktoberfest Party

The best lederhosen and dress costume ideas for Oktoberfest 2017

It's time to break out the beer steins! Oktoberfest parties are almost here! Across the country and around the world, people are getting excited about the upcoming festivities. It's easy to understand what makes Oktoberfest so popular. Sharing a few pints with friends and family is a surefire recipe for fun, especially when German foods like bratwurst, schnitzel, and pretzels are served on the side. An Oktoberfest costume makes the annual celebration all the more enjoyable. From flirty fraulein outfits to traditional lederhosen, here's how to dress up for the beer-drinking bash.

Oktoberfest Costumes for Men
When it comes to traditional Oktoberfest attire, no costume for men is complete without lederhosen. The short trousers with their H-shaped suspenders are characteristic of the folk costumes worn in Bavaria, home to the original and world's largest Oktoberfest. The best lederhosen costumes come with extras too, such as a white or checked shirt and knee socks. These ready-to-go costumes make it easy and affordable to assemble an authentic-looking outfit in an instant.

Bavarian hats offer the perfect finishing touch for an Oktoberfest costume. Also known as Tyrolean or Alpine hats, the headgear is typically made with green or brown felt. Most designs feature an artfully positioned feather on the side.

Oktoberfest costumes for menOktoberfest Costumes for Women
For most women, a dirndl dress is a must-have Oktoberfest costume. Consisting of a low-cut blouse, bodice, short skirt, and apron, it's an all-in-one outfit that flatters every figure. Details like ruffles, bows, and embroidery lend a feeling of flirty femininity to the ensemble. Extras like petticoats, head scarves, over-the-knee stockings and hair bows help an Oktoberfest costume stand out from the crowd. Available in a broad array of materials, colours and sizes, these barmaid and beer-garden costumes are some of the most popular women's costumes for Oktoberfest year after year.

Women's Oktoberfest costumes

Funny Costumes for Oktoberfest
Costumes that make people smile and laugh are a hit at any party. Whether it's a beer glass, mug or bottle costume or a superhero "Beer Man" outfit, funny costumes for Oktoberfest tend to revolve around the beer-drinking aspect of the festival. Furthermore, a man wearing a buxom barmaid outfit is guaranteed to raise some chuckles. Crafted in shimmering gold topped by white frothy ruffles, the beer mug dress for women is hilarious too. For belly laughs, it's hard to beat "piggyback" costumes where it looks like the wearer is perched atop a stocky beer wench or lederhosen-clothed man.

Funny Oktoberfest Costumes

Oktoberfest Party Supplies
Oktoberfest themed props and party supplies can turn your celebration into a memorable event. Opportunities for personalizing your Oktoberfest party abound. Create a backdrop designed for fun with Oktoberfest d├ęcor ranging from banners and bunting to centrepieces and colourful cutouts. Chill the beer in an inflatable Oktoberfest cooler. Make the party Instagram-ready with laugh-out-loud photo props. From whirls to trumpets, themed party favours are readily available too. Choosing the right costume to wear is just part of the fun of hosting and attending Oktoberfest parties.
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