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Costume Ideas and Themes for a Hen's Party

Bride to Be TiaraIt's almost time for the wedding and the excitement is building! It's so much fun getting all decked out in fancy dress costumes for a hen's party! There are many great hen's party costumes and themes to ponder, but before those choices are considered, it might be interesting to learn when and how hen's parties got started.

The original hen's party was modeled after the idea of a stag or bachelor party. Both types of parties are actually centuries old. The purpose is to give the bride-to-be a celebration, surrounded by all her female friends and family. The modern hens party probably started during the 60's when the hype surrounding the sexual revolution was strong. The hen's party concept wasn't too popular in the 60's as yet, but grew more so in the mid-80's.

There are many hen's party accessories, themes, and fancy dress costumes available to entice those who are attending the upcoming nuptials! For hen's party themes based around fairy tale weddings, what about doing a hen's fairy tale theme where everyone can come dressed as their favorite fairy tale character? You could be a beautiful princess, Snow White, or Little Red Riding Hood. Whatever you choose, it will be sure to dazzle everyone at the party!

Bachelorette TiaraFor those fans of the Twilight series, you could have a vampire theme. From sexy to slinky, we have many vampire costumes and accessories to choose from. Hens with a bit of a wild side might like a burlesque or showgirl dress up theme. All your sexy girlfriends can come dressed in over the top sexy showgirl costumes. This theme is sure to bring out the wild and crazy side of any hen's party. For naughty little hens, a cops and robbers theme is perfect! Have all your friends come dressed in police, robber, and jailbird costumes. This theme is sure to have you all stand out!

Here are a few other hen's party theme ideas: