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How to Dress Like a Hippie: A Step By Step Guide

Earth Hippie Adult CostumeSo you want to dress like a hippie? Maybe you're going to a hippie or 70's themed party, or maybe you just want a fun and carefree outfit for your next fancy dress party? Here are some tips for all your hippie costume and accessory needs.

1. Hair

Hippies are known for their distinctive hairdos. In keeping with the 70's, you can get the hippie look with a fabulous afro wig! This style was very popular in the era. Another iconic look for a hippie hairstyle is long, long locks! Whether they be straight or super curly, with plaits and braids or none, hippies sure did love showing off their lengthy tresses.

2. Headwear

Hippie headwear is pretty simple. If you want to go the quick and easy route, just pluck some flowers out of your garden (or purchase some fake flowers from a $2 shop) and pop them into your hair or wig! Alternatively (or additionally) you can try a headband, which are usually braided leather or suede, and sometimes included feathers as well. Very boho!

3. Shirt

The shirts are where hippie costumes get a bit exciting. If you want to go for more of a simple, carefree look, try a basic white blouse with flowing sleeves, or even just a plain white long sleeve shirt. You can embellish this with peace symbols and buttons to your heart's content. If you want your hippie to be a little more psychedelic, try a shirt with a crazy pattern! Paisley patterns on fabric were very popular in the 70's, as well as flared or flowing sleeves. If you want to add even more to your costume, try putting a vest over your shirt, especially a fringed leather or suede vest.

60's Hippie Right On Adult Costume One Size4. Pants

A hippie's pants can be just as fun and creative as their shirt! Flared pants are very popular and are the go to look for hippie pants. These usually come in a brown colour, or sometimes jeans or bright colours and patterns, and you can choose whichever colour suits you and your costume. Some flared hippie pants even come with colourful inserts in the flares themselves, fringing, or braided leather or suede belts.

5. Shoes

Shoes are probably the most simple part of a hippie outfit. Common shoes include moccasins or ugg boots, which can be made from wool or suede and usually come in brown colours and other earthy tones. If it's a warmer day, you can wear a pair of brown sandals, or even try going barefoot if it's safe to do so.

6. Accessories

Don't forget to pick up some cool accessories to really complete your hippie costume to perfection! We have so many different hippie related items available here, including wigs, shoes, masks, glasses, earrings, necklaces, headpieces, and so much more.

No matter whether you're more of a relaxed hippie or a psychedelic hippie, we have the awesome costumes and accessories available here at to make your hippie costume amazing and make your next fancy dress party a memorable one!