How to Plan a Birthday Party Online

Looking to create memorable moments when you're far from family and friends or needing to make meaningful connections during COVID-19 restrictions? Then hosting an online party could be your answer. Planning is key for a successful birthday party, and with these simple steps you'll be a party planning pro.

How to plan a birthday party online

1.Pick a theme
2.Choose how to meet up
3.Prepare your guest list and invitations
4.Plan activities
5.Send a birthday pack
6.Book a party entertainer
7.Choose your kids' costumes
8.Buy your party decorations
9.Plan your party food
10.Share the love

Pick a theme for your online party

Choosing a theme for your online party not only makes it more fun, it will help with many decisions too. Themes can range from simple colours like a pink party theme or a rainbow party, themes based on characters like Batman or Evie from Descendants, or gaming themes like Minecraft or Pokemon. Also popular are superhero and unicorn themed parties.

For more great party theme ideas read our top 10 popular party themes blog post.

Choose how to meet up

Depending on restrictions in your area, meeting up in person may not be an option at the moment. But there are some great online solutions that can help your child and their friends connect virtually. These include Zoom, House Party, and Google Hangouts. When reviewing these options, check the number of people who can attend, device required, costs, and how to generate a link. For added fun, try to have a grid style view so everyone can see each other when online.

online party invites Send online invites to guests

Guest list and sending out invitations

When choosing a guest list for your online party, it is better to KISS - Keep It Simple, Stupid! Having lots of friends online can become overwhelming, unorganised, and distracting. By limiting the number of guests, you'll find the party is much more manageable and fun.

Send out your invites 3-4 weeks before your party. This will give people time to respond, and make any preparations they might need. Choose an age appropriate party length, with clear start and end times.

Online party activities

To keep your guests entertained, plan some online party games and activities. Allow for some time at the beginning of the party for everyone to settle in, say hello, and catch up. Some game ideas include:

  • Disco or musical statues
  • Bingo - post or email a bingo sheet before the party for them to play along
  • Trivia - ask questions based around your theme
  • Indoor scavenger hunt - ask the children to find everyday items around their home
  • Sing-along or karaoke sessions
  • Book an entertainer to send a personalised video message

Send a birthday pack

If you can safely deliver a package to your guests, consider sending a hamper for your online party. The hamper could include a themed hat to wear, party favours, items for games to play, and instructions on how to log on. This step will take some planning, so consider this ahead of time to avoid disappointments.

Kids' party entertainer

Book a professional performer through StarDust Kids to appear and take the kids on an amazing adventure. The best part is, they'll take care of all the entertainment with fun and interactive games, dancing, or magic. With lots of characters to choose from, your child will love the unique and memorable experience.

StarDust Kids have a team of dancers and singers ready to provide an unforgettable party with engaging games and awesome activities that will make the day extra special.

Kids online party entertainment StarDust Kids party entertainment

Find out more about StarDust Kids here.

Kids' costumes

Just because you're not together, doesn't mean you can't dress up in your favourite costumes. The party boy or girl can dress up, and you could invite all your guests to wear costumes too. Another great idea is to send your guests an accessory to wear during the party. For example, tiaras for a princess party, masks for a superhero party, mini mouse ears for a Minnie Mouse party, or coloured wigs for a unicorn party.

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kids costume party online Kids' costumes

Decorate for your online party

Decorating your lounge room or the birthday child's bedroom can make their big day feel extra special. Using themed party supplies, hang banners and balloons in the background, add character candles to the cake, and coordinate tableware to bring your inspired look together.

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Plan your birthday food

Did I hear someone say cake? Nothing feels more special than blowing out the candles on your very own birthday cake. Why not bake it yourself, or have it delivered from a local cake maker? With so many talented bakers, you can have your cake created with your theme in mind. Finally, making a special breakfast or having favourite treats available will add to your child's special day.

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