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Rock of Ages Movie and 80's Costumes

80's Rocker Adult Costume XXL SizeThe 80's was the era when rock and roll became legendary. Everyone wanted to be a rock star; it was more than just the money or the fame, it was even more than a lifestyle - it was a state of being. All the great bands were born in the 80's; Def Leppard, Foreigner, Journey, Poison, REO Speedwagon, Twisted Sister, Ozzy Osborne... the list goes on.

The look of the 80's

It's easy to get your hands on an 80's themed costume and accessories for your next fancy dress party! Long hair matching that of Axl Rose, curly hair like Slash, cowboy hats, fur coats, and big belt buckles were the standard among rock gods. If you wanted to be a rock star you needed to dress the part. Girls were equally splendid with mini denim skirts, leggings, bright colours, and sky-high hairdos.

Rock of Ages, the movie

If you think the 80's are dead, think again! Who could forget the critically acclaimed 2012 movie Rock of Ages? The movie is based on a musical of the same name, and is a comic recreation of the 80's in its entire splendor. As was with the 80's, in this movie it is all about the music and the fashion. Iconic movie stars like Russell Brand and Tom Cruise join the cast with characters that represent all that the 80's were; crazy, loud, sinful, sexy, and above all, fashionable.

80's Diva Adult Women's Costume80's themed parties

Hosting an 80's party is a great idea for those who were born in, or grew up in, this awesome decade. If you need help deciding what an adult 80's costume should look like, the answer is too easy! To achieve the perfect 80's look, arm yourself with tons of hairspray and do not be afraid of going big! The 80's are all about excess. Pile on makeup and bracelets. Add denim to your outfit, as well as leather, animal print, lace, bright colours, leggings, and more. The key is to accessorise with lots of splashes of colour. No colour is too funky for the 80's!

The ultimate thing you need to add to your costume is an amazing hairdo! You can have a massive quiff or frizzy long, luscious waves. Don't forget about the classic mullet, too! We have plenty of mullet wigs and other 80's wig styles to keep you going. Design your 80's character today and get ready for your next fancy dress party!