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  • New Batman Children's Costumes Now in Stock

    The-Dark-Knight-Batman-Deluxe-Child-Costume-Medium--Rubies-Costumes-DS-RU883104M-31We have just received a new range of kids' Batman costumes and Batman costume kits. This superhero has always been a popular character, and this range will provide a great option for our littlest customers!

    All the way back to 1966 and earlier, Batman held pride and place as one of the world's favourite comic book heroes. His sidekick Robin was always there to help him fight a rather strange collection of bad guys!

    Who can forget the Pengiun, the Joker, the Riddler, Catwoman, and more.

    Our new costumes are designed to recreate the perfect Batman image. Batman costumes need to have the mask, cape, and utility belt to be a complete outfit for any party.

    So when looking for a costume for your child's next fancy dress party, why not check out our Batman costume range?

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