Tim Burton's New Dumbo Movie Will Soar to New Heights

Fly, Dumbo, fly! One of the most beloved Disney films of all time, Dumbo soars to new heights this March with the release of a live-action version of the story. Directed by Tim Burton, the new Dumbo movie promises to enchant a new generation of young Disney fans. With familiar stars like Colin Farrell, Michael Keaton, Danny DeVito, and Alan Arkin along for the ride, adults are sure to enjoy the re-imagined tale too. Considering the buzz around the upcoming movie, it's also fair to predict that Dumbo attire will be some of the most popular Disney costumes this year!

Dumbo movie synopsis

In the original animated movie, Dumbo discovers his ability to fly at the end of the film. In contrast, the new adaptation begins with the big-eared elephant taking flight. The focus of the movie is different as well. In Burton's version, the story centers on former circus star Holt Farrier, played by Colin Farrell. After returning home from war, Holt is put in charge of caring for a baby elephant whose oversized ears make him the laughing stock of the circus. As Dumbo soars into fame, Holt must protect him from those who want to exploit the baby pachyderm for financial gain.

Dumbo Disney costumes

With its story about overcoming adversity with faith and love, Dumbo is a family favourite when it comes to Disney costumes. Dumbo costumes are particularly popular for Book Week and Disney-themed parties. Since the original film's debut in 1941, children and adults have loved dressing up as the adorable elephant with the big, floppy ears. Toddlers adore cuddly jumpsuit outfits with oversized ears that let them pretend they can fly. Girls enjoy ballerina versions with tutus and satin bodices. Adults can't resist the chance to inhabit a much-loved character from their childhood.

Known for creating blockbuster movies from Beetlejuice and Batman to Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and Alice in Wonderland, Tim Burton is the ideal director for the new Dumbo movie. If the movie's rich, imaginative, and action-packed trailer is any indication, Dumbo costumes will be popular for many generations to come.

Watch the official trailer for Disney's Dumbo!