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Why is Cupid the Symbol for Valentine's Day?

Have you ever wondered why the adorable mythical character Cupid is seen as the major symbol for Valentine's Day? This cheeky little god has a whole lot of history behind him, and he wasn't always involved with the holiday of love. Here's some facts you might not know about him!

The history of Cupid

Cupid is a god from classical mythology, known for being the god of desire, erotic love, attraction, and affection. He is usually portrayed as a chubby, cherub-like toddler or child, or sometimes as a skinny youth. Cupid has wings and is usually shown with very rosy cheeks. His source of power stems from his bow and arrow, which cause another person or creature, when shot with Cupid's arrow, to experience uncontrollable desire.

In modern times, it is commonly accepted that Cupid is the child of the love goddess Venus and the war god Mars. Funnily enough, in Latin, Cupid is also sometimes known as "Amor", which means "love"! When he appears in mythical stories, Cupid is usually a minor or side character that serves to begin or advance the plot, however he does appear as a main character in the story Cupid and Psyche.

In modern and contemporary popular culture, the image of Cupid has been adapted to represent romantic love, especially in direct correlation to Valentine's Day, and Cupid is often depicted drawing his bow, ready to shoot someone with his love arrow. Perhaps another reason why Cupid is so closely associated with Valentine's Day is because Saint Valentine himself, the third-century Roman saint associated with the tradition of courtly love and marriage, supposedly wore a purple amethyst ring with an image of Cupid engraved on it.

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