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Horror, Blood and Gore Costumes, Decor and Party Supplies

Horror is such a big and popular theme category it's difficult to know where to start! This area is perfect obviously for Halloween, but also for horror themed birthday parties and any event where you might need a spookier look than normal! Compared to the Halloween theme category, horror is a bit gorier and more terrifying, and is definitely not for the feint of heart! But if you're willing to push the envelope and perhaps scare the pants off your friends, you've come to the right place.

We have horror themed costumes to suit most anyone, no matter your size, age, gender, or budget. You can dress up as a classic character of the horror genre, such as witches, monsters, zombies, skeletons, demons, ghosts, vampires, serial killers, and oh so much more! Many of these costumes are available in both adult and kids sizes. Don't forget we also have plenty of matching accessories, such as weapons, makeup, hats, gloves, prosthetics, and so forth.

We also have a ton of great outfits available if you're after a costume of a specific famous character! Why not go as Freddy Krueger, Jason Voorhees, Frankenstein, Ghostface, or one of the zombies from the Walking Dead? The options are almost endless! Grab your matching props and accessories and you'll be ready to spook the pants off people in no time. We even have plenty of horrifying animated props and party supplies to decorate your home or other haunted venue to match the scary theme! Pick up your items today and get ready to scream!

A Nightmare on Elm Street Costumes & Accessories

One of the most iconic horror films of all time, A Nightmare on Elm Street was originally released in 1984, and the movie and its sequels have been terrorising audiences ever since. This movie also introduced us to one of the most memorable movie characters and villains of all time, the evil Freddy Krueger.

In the classic horror flick A Nightmare on Elm Street, a group of people are hunted (or is that haunted?) by a menacing and downright terrifying serial killer named Freddy Krueger. With burns all over his face and a glove with fingers made of knives, Freddy terrorises his victims by hunting and killing them in their dreams. The victims must fight to stay awake in order to survive - and if they do fall asleep, they have to fight off Freddy Krueger in his natural hunting grounds, or they may never wake up again!

Are you looking for a Halloween costume, or do you just want to creep out your friends? Our range of licensed A Nightmare on Elm Street costumes and accessories will be sure to scare your fellow party goers at your next party or event. With adult costumes and accessories to fit many varying sizes, such as Freddy Krueger shirts, masks, gloves, hats, and costume kits, you will absolutely look the part. We even have Freddy Krueger's disgusting teeth!

For women we have some great outfits that are a feminine take on the classic Freddy Krueger character. Our sexy striped Freddy Krueger style dresses will make an impact at any party. We even have A Nightmare on Elm Street themed props available so you can decorate your house for your party or Halloween event. All of our Freddy Krueger and A Nightmare on Elm Street items are perfect for Halloween parties, horror themed parties, and even letter themed parties starting with F, K or N.