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Hot Wheels Costumes, and Accessories

Everyone loves these great little cars! Hot Wheels is the world's favourite brand of miniature toy cars. The cars themselves are created in a 1:64 scale, are produced by the company Mattel and have been on the market since 1968. These die cast toys are popular all over the world with children and adults alike, as many generations have grown up playing with these cars and there are now collector editions of the toys available for older generations.

Hot Wheels toys are so popular that many different real life automobile manufacturing companies have allowed the brand to make scale models of their cars, even allowing the use of existing blueprints and details from the life size cars. There have been innumerable different toy cars produced over the years in varying lines and styles. The toys have even done a complete 360 in that full scale versions of some of the most popular Hot Wheels cars, Twin Mill, Deora II, Bone Shaker and Whatta Drag, now exist in real life! There is even a Hot Wheels monster truck!

Hot Wheels doesn't just stop at toy cars, though. The brand has appeared on various other merchandise throughout the years, including school supplies, clothes, colouring books and more, as well as our awesome Hot Wheels costumes. There is even a live action film in the works based on the Hot Wheels cars themselves! It is due for release in 2015 and should be awesome!

Our range of great licensed Hot Wheels costumes is sure to have something all little Hot Wheels fans will enjoy. For example, we have the Vert Wheeler Classic Child Costume and the Vert Wheeler Muscle Child Costume, which are both colourful and comfy for boys to love. These come in a range of sizes to fit most kids. Hot Wheels costumes are a great idea for children's birthday parties and presents.