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Lego costumes and accessories

Everyone in the world knows about Lego! This fun line of plastic construction toys were first invented in Denmark in 1949 by Ole Kirk Christiansen, and the immense popularity of Lego continues to this day! The toys consist of colourful interlocking bricks, as well as unique parts such as gears, minifigure characters, and more, that enable the user to build anything in their imagination, from buildings to objects, vehicles and more. The best part is that the Lego bricks can always be taken apart to create something new!

Lego is so popular, in fact, that over the years the brand has expanded beyond just the plastic toys. Lego now features a whole subculture all over the world, as well as video games, animated movies, and even six separate theme parks! In February 2015, Brand Finance named Lego the world's most powerful brand, and as of July 2015, over 600 billion Lego parts had been produced. That's a lot of imagination and building!

Fans of Lego have come to the right place with our awesome range of Lego related costumes and accessories! We have Lego costumes available for all of your favourite characters, including Jay, Kai, Lance, Lloyd, Aaron, Ninjago characters, and more. You can also grab some matching fun accessories such as masks and gloves to complete your Lego costume to perfection. If you want to live Lego as well as building it, grab your favourite Lego costume today! These outfits are perfect for school dress up days, childhood themed costume parties, or even Halloween!