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Sceam Costumes and Accessories

Horror fans will just love this category! Scream is a world-famous horror film that was released in 1996 with an all-star cast. Thanks to its immense popularity it has seen the release of three movie sequels with more to come in future, as well as a TV series! Scream has also been the subject of much parody throughout pop culture (a true sign of fame) and the main antagonist, Ghostface, is so iconic that he is almost the face of horror himself!

Scream is based partly on the true story of the Gainesville Ripper and is inspired by previous horror films such as Halloween. The film tells the tale of high school student Sidney Prescott who becomes the target of the mysterious killer known only as Ghostface, who wears a black robe and a terrifying white ghost mask. Scream was unique at the time of its release in that it combined comedy, a "whodunit" mystery, and violence to satirize the horror genre, and a relatively meta approach with characters in the film who were aware of horror tropes.

If you're a Scream fan, or just a horror fan in general, this is a great category to start looking for your perfect Halloween costume. Dressing up as Ghostface will not only ensure that everyone will recognise your costume, but you may even be the highlight of the party! Scream costumes are great for general costume parties as well, and also events like school muck up days. Don't forget your props and accessories to finish your costume off!