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Sexy Costumes

Sexy costumes are very popular among adults for all of your themed celebrations. These outfits can make you get into the mood and spirit of the celebration and engage in all the fun! There are plenty of different styles of sexy costumes available, from full outfits and sexy looks to all the matching accessories.

If you are wanting to dress in a sexy costume for your next costume party or event, we have plenty of ideas here for you. We have sexy costumes available in a wide variety of styles and sizes, and to suit most any budget. You can choose from full costumes, dresses and skirts, sexy versions, couples costumes, and more!

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Green Lantern Costumes, and Accessories

"In brightest day, in blackest night, no evil shall escape my sight. Let those who worship evil's might, beware my power, Green Lantern's light!" Green Lantern is one of DC Comics' most popular superheroes. He was first introduced to the world in comic book form back in 1940, and has been popular in various forms of media ever since. Over the years, Green Lantern has also appeared in TV shows, video games and even a live action movie.

Green Lantern, alter ego of Hal Jordan, is a member of the interstellar Green Lantern Corps, whose members act as the space police using the powers of their magic rings. There are also many other Green Lanterns who work for the Green Lantern Corps, such as Guy Gardner, John Stewart, and Kyle Rayner, as well as non-human Green Lanterns Kilowog, AA, Tomar-Re, and Abin Sur. Sinestro is an ex-Green Lantern and is the Green Lantern Corps' most famous villain.

We have a great range of licensed Green Lantern costumes to suit every style and budget. For male costumes, you can choose from either classic Green Lantern, modern Hal Jordan, Kilowog, the evil Sinestro, or Tomar-Re just to name a few characters. These costumes are available in both adult costumes and kids costumes, and in a variety of sizes, so there is something here for everyone to love.

We even have Green Lantern costumes in various sizes for the ladies, so you can join the Green Lantern Corps too! Don't forget our awesome Green Lantern accessories range, where we have every accessory you could think of! Our amazing choice of masks, gloves, rings and more are sure to surprise and amaze. Green Lantern costumes are a great idea for children's birthday parties, Halloween events, pop culture conventions, or even themed parties such as superhero themes or comic themes.