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The Backyardigans costumes and accessories

Kids are crazy for the Backyardigans! This Canadian-American animated children's TV series first aired on October 11th 2004 and ended on May 31st 2010 - that's a long run! The show's popularity was so huge that reruns are still being shown all over the world to this day. Did you know that the series was based on a live action TV series pilot episode from 1998 called Me and My Friends? Cool! The Backyardigans surely has something for everyone!

The series centers around a group of anthropomorphic animal friends know, surprisingly, as the Backyardigans. Their names are Uniqua, Pablo, Tyrone, Austin, and Tasha, and were designed to encourage imaginative play by breaking the fourth wall and interacting with the young audience. The show also features roleplaying, musical numbers, and dream sequences to really inspire children's imaginations. The Backyardigans is so popular it has even seen the release of many DVDs, CDs, live shows, and other merchandise - including costumes!

If your little one is a Backyardigans fan, then you've come to the right place. They can dress up as their favourite character for their next dress up party or event! No matter your child's size, needs, or your budget, we have something here for you. Dress your child in costumes for Uniqua, Pablo, or Tyrone, for a super fun time! These outfits are colourful and comfy, and children just love them. Surprise your little one for their next birthday or Christmas with a gift of one of these great costumes! After all, the Backyardigans are all about imagination!