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Moana Costumes and Accessories

The Disney animated movie Moana tells the story of the main character Moana who goes on a journey across the sea to save her home island from slowly dying. In her adventures, she meets the powerful demigod Maui and uses the heart of Te Fiti to save her people.

Moana costumes and accessories
If you or your child is a big fan of one of Disney's most popular new movies, Moana, then we have got the costumes for you! Your little one will absolutely love dressing up as the titular heroine Moana with our cute children's Moana costumes. We even have the matching accessories available, including Moana's wig and necklace, to complete your child's costume to perfection. If you're wanting to go as a matching pair, why not dress as a pig or a chicken to be one of Moana's pet companions, Pua the pig or Hei Hei the chicken?

Moana party supplies
No party is complete without some fun party supplies and decorations! And now, thanks to our extensive party supplies range, we have Moana themed items to help you throw the most amazing birthday party ever! We have a variety of Moana balloons, table covers, and other themed decorations. Don't forget to grab practical supplies too, including cups, plates, bowls, napkins, and more. No one knows how far your party will go with these awesome items! Grab yours today!