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Buy Pop! Vinyls Online

We love our Pop Vinyls in Australia, and we have all the best bobbleheads and collectable Pop! Vinyls for sale online now, in stock and ready to ship.

What are Pop! Vinyls?

Pop Vinyls are bobblehead characters, designed in the likeness of your favourite Movie, TV, Video Game and Cartoon/Comic characters. They come in a huge variety of characters, with occasional special additions and other variations. Each Pop! Vinyl one is fully licensed, and there are lots to collect. They are great as presents or collectables and fun for all ages. They are a great way to show how much you love your favourite character or movie. carries a great range of Pop Vinyls in stock in Australia ready for shipping. Perfect for the young and young at heart alike!

What types of Pop Vinyls are available?

Great question! There are lots of different types available and each one can be desirable for different reasons. Some are rare too and some special editions and small releases can only be purchased at specific shows and in small quantities from specific vendors and these can sell for hundreds of dollars each on secondary markets.

Here are the more common types you can buy (and should look out for):

  • Commons
  • Metallics
  • Chase
  • Clear
  • Bloody
  • Chrome
  • Flocked
  • Un-Vaulted
  • Exclusives

Chase versions, Exclusives and some Vaulted varieties can be rare and expensive, even if they are sold originally for a 'standard' price.

So get started on a collection today! You can collect characters from a show, every version of one character, series characters (all DC, Marvel etc), or just look for your favourite version to stick on your desk or shelf.