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If your child is a fan of Minecraft, or if they're a bit crafty, then they will absolutely love Qixels! These brand new toy kits are like working with your very own real life pixels to create any characters you can imagine! Just put your Qixel design together using the tray and the Qixel cubes provided, then spray it with water, and they stick together! Now that's awesome!

You can make anything you want with Qixels. There are official guides that help you bring to life certain creatures and characters, from ninjas, sharks, and orcs, to robots, dragons, knights and many more! Additionally, the options are endless when you use your imagination, and you will be able to create anything that comes to mind! Just grab a kit, some Qixel cubes and a water spray bottle and you're ready to go!

These toys will really allow your children's creativity and imaginations to run wild. They can use Qixels to bring their Minecraft creations to the real world, or even just make their own ideas from scratch. The options are limitless! All kids will enjoy Qixels and they are a fantastic idea for Christmas gifts or birthday presents. So what are you waiting for? Grab your stuff and get creative!