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If you were a fan of Troll dolls back in the day, then chances are you and your kids will love the Zelfs! These adorable fantasy creatures are all about self confidence, because if you love yourself - or yourZELF! - the Zelfs give you special powers! Each Zelf is unique and lives in its own Fabitat within the secret garden of Zardenia. Why not take you and your Zelf to check out the Zelk Tree, the Witchbrew Bistro, Buttershy's Flitterpad, and more? There's so much fun to be had with Zelfs!

We have a wide collection of Zelfs available to suit all of your wants and desires! You can browse the Season 5 Zelf collection that includes variations such as the Super, Medium, and Crystal Gemz Zelfs! We also have Large Light Up and Scented Zelicious Zelfs available! With these, you can light up your room or fill it with a delicious smell for some extra fun. There's just so many products to choose from!

In addition to these great varieties, we also have all of your favourite Zelf characters to browse. Whether you're feeling colourful like Stardust Shooting Star, dark and mysterious like Moonicorn Unicorn, or cute and cuddly like So-Anne Teddy Bear, we have the Zelf for you! These toys are a great idea for kids' birthday presents or Christmas gifts. Grab one today!