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How to Dress Like a Bogan: A Step By Step Guide

Mullet on the Go Mullet Wig Headband - The Bobcat BlackSo you want to dress like a bogan? Maybe you're going to an Australia Day event, 80's trivia night or costume party and you want a funny outfit, or maybe the fancy dress party you're attending is bogan themed? Here are some tips.

1. Hair

Bogans have very distinctive hair, as well as facial hair. The number one thing you need for your bogan costume is a mullet wig! The longer and more glorious your mullet, the better a bogan you are. If you don't want to wear a full wig, you can try a Mullet on the Go headband to add a mullet to your regular hairdo! You can also include some killer sideburns and a big biker style mustache if you want to go the full nine yards!

2. Headwear

Bogans love their headwear! A great choice to start with is a nice knit beanie, especially if it's a branded one with something like Jack Daniel's, Jim Beam, or your favourite footy team. You can also get yourself some 90's style sunnies to polish off the look.

3. Shirt

Arguably the most iconic part of a bogan's look is the shirt! The most popular and recognisable choice here is that of a singlet top; either white or navy blue. Show off your laid back Aussie bogan pride in one of these super casual tops! If it's going to be a bit chilly at your designated costume party, you can also add your favourite flannel shirt over the top of your singlet, or just tie one around your waist. Or, if you're feeling super lazy like your bogan counterpart, just grab one of our bogan or redneck costumes to get the look in one easy step!

Mullet on the Go Mullet Wig Headband - The Widowmaker4. Pants

A bogan's pants are almost as important as the shirt. Typical bogan trouser attire usually includes a good pair of tracksuit pants, and for added realness, wear a pair that have holes at the knees! You can also get a similar effect with an old pair of jeans with similar worn out knees. If it's warm, swap them out for a pair of cutoff jeans. Don't forget to add that aforementioned flannie around your waist for extra authenticity!

5. Shoes

There are lots of options when it comes to a bogan's shoes. You can wear a pair of typical cheap runners with the socks pulled up, or you can try a big pair of boots, like steel capped boots or Blundstones. If it's a little on the cooler side, you might want to wear your favourite pair of moccasins or ugg boots instead, the more worn out the better. Or if you're really brave, why not just try going barefoot?!

6. Accessories

What would a bogan be without their accessories? The best choice is a good old long neck of VB to carry around, which is even better if you like drinking it! You could possibly even take a whole slab of VB to share with your mates if you're feeling particularly charitable. You can also take a footy or an Australian flag with you. Whatever your choice of accessories, just keep it real for your true blue Aussie bogan and you're sure to have a fun time!