Men in Black International - the Epic Series Returns

Men In Black InternationalThe minds behind the Men in Black franchise are back with Men in Black International. This film features new characters and follows the adventures of Agent H and Agent M. Played by Chris Hemsworth, Agent H is a Men in Black agent who partners with a new recruit, Agent M, played by Tessa Thompson. The two previously starred together in Thor Ragnarok and other films in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While the first three films in the series took place in America, the new international flick moves the action to Europe.

Fans of the series will find some of the fun creatures and aliens from the original three films featured in this one. It also includes characters dressed in trademark Men in Black outfits, including black suits with white shirts and sleek black sunglasses. Fans who want to dress as their favourite characters can easily find all the amazing costumes they need, and some great accessories too.

Men in Black costumes

If you are looking for a unique costume for Halloween or any other costume party, or perhaps a great looking couples' costume, look no further than Men in Black costumes! You can choose one of our officially licensed Men in Black costumes which includes a printed shirt and sunglasses, or you can simply wear your own black suit, white shirt, and sunnies. You can even include a fun sci-fi looking gun prop, or try wielding a Nerf gun! You'll definitely need protection when the aliens attack. Get your Men in Black costumes today!

Watch the Men in Black International official trailer!